Local Arts in Education Partnership

The “Arts in Education Charter” articulates and promotes the essential role of the arts in education, enabling students to be successful in school life and work.

One of the 5 Pillars of the Clár Éire Ildánach/Creative Ireland Programme 2017 – 2022 is to: Enable the Creative Potential of Every Child.  Devising an integrated implementation plan for arts in education is a priority for Creative Ireland.

Implementation of the objectives of the charter and Creative Ireland requires the partnership and collaboration of arts, education, business, philanthropy and government, that have a national scope and impact as well as state and local partnerships that promote educational policies supportive of arts in education.

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Arts in Education Charter

 Cavan and Monaghan ETB LAEP



The rationale for the establishment and development of a LAEP in the CMETB region is to nurture and support new relationships that will develop a shared responsibility for the delivery of arts in education that embraces visual, performing and literary arts.

Goals and Objectives

As lead partner in the Local Arts in Education Partnership, Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board (CMETB) will, in partnership with Cavan County Council and Monaghan County Council:

  • Nurture partnership development with a shared responsibility for the delivery of arts in education practice
  • Develop Monaghan Education Campus as a hub / centre of excellence for Arts in Education within CMETB
  • Develop and deliver an annual programme that engages children and young people from early years, primary, junior, transition and senior cycle students
  • Cultivate new partnerships and joint ventures between professional artists, arts organisations, cultural institutes, local authority arts officers and other arts providers but within existing financial supports
  • Foster ARIS – Arts Rich Schools, by encouraging and recognising schools that place the arts at the centre of the school community
  • Develop continuing professional development (CPD) to achieve high quality arts in education experiences for all involved
  • Foster and support creativity and ownership
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Enhance learning and evaluation
  • Support learning, evaluation and monitoring as an integral part of the new LAEP and provide flexible boundaries for change where required

Guiding Principles for the CMETB Local Arts in Education Partnership Development

The CMETB LAEP provides an opportunity for establishing an inter-agency approach to enable and facilitate discussion and imple­mentation of Arts in Education policy devel­opment, through partnership collaboration and co-operation. The following 5 areas have been identified as key in order to develop the Partnership:

  1. Representation
  2. Strategy
  3. Structure and Terms of Reference
  4. Sustainability
  5. Evaluation


CMETB proposes the development of a LAEP within the CMETB Region. A Steering Com­mittee will be established. The Core Steering Committee will initially comprise:

  • CMETB (Lead Partner)
  • Cavan County Council and Monaghan County Council
  • Teacher Education Centre (Cavan and Monaghan)

The Committee will be expanded to include larger representation. This approach is vital to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are included and in order to ensure buy-in, legitimacy, sustainability and relevance to the local community which the CMETB LAEP serves.

CMETB recognises the various contributions that partner organisations can bring to the table in terms of assisting the development of the CMETB LAEP, e.g. educational supports, artistic supports, arts-in-education continuous professional development (CPD) programme supports, financial supports, operational and implementation supports.

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  • Joanne Brennan, Arts Education Officer

    The Garage Theatre
    Monaghan Education Campus

    Telephone: 047 39777
    Email: joannebrennan@cmetb.ie