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This project aims to encourage and promote the interest of students aged 15-19 years of age into the field of ICT.  Students will explore the use of IT in a range of areas, examine employment opportunities and become familiar with training within Further Education and Training.

According to EU it is estimated there will be 900,000 vacancies in the IT sector in Europe by 2020.  Adhering to this demand this project will offer the following education programmes and career information pack to attract young people into IT.

IT Taster Course

The Curriculum will be determined by the most in demand IT skills and will be creatively designed to capture the interest and enjoyment among school going children.  The course will be available in both paper form and online resources using a range of teaching methodologies. The taster course will be piloted in a number of Secondary Schools within CMETB in January 2017

Follow on Pack – This pack will include Educational IT resources, links to online courses, and student friendly resources to enhance the student’s interest in IT and further learning.

Career Guidance Pack – This pack will include IT career guidance within all disciplines and all levels of qualifications.

All the resources produced will be freely available to all Secondary Schools after evaluation is carried out.

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