Staff Recruitment and Professional Development at CMETB

The calibre and professionalism of our delivery teams are key to quality assuring our programme provision. All CMETB courses are delivered by suitably qualified staff, with Teaching Council recognition as appropriate.  All staff are hired in line with CMETB HR protocols.

CMETB is committed to ensuring all staff have access to CPD thereby enabling CMETB to grow as a learning organisation.  This includes enabling staff to enhance their skills, update competencies, explore modern teaching methods and collaborate with colleagues. Teaching Staff are encouraged to engage in a range of communities of practice/national fora to bring learnings in best practice back into CMETB and presenting to their peers.

CMETB has developed a mentoring programme aimed at providing guidance and support to new teaching/tutoring staff.  In addition to fulfilling CMETB staff support, Quality Assurance and risk management obligations this programme provides new staff with a structured support mechanism which has enhanced CMETB’s Quality Assurance Processes.