Quality Assurance Decision-making Fora

Governance & Management of Quality Assurance at CMETB

The system of governance currently employed by CMETB is represented by the diagram below:

CMETB Quality Assurance and Governance Structure


The CE has executive responsibility for CMETB and is accountable to/reports to the Board, details of which have been provided earlier in the document.  The CE manages the Three Pillar Structure of which the Director of FET manages the FET offering of the CMETB. The Director of FET reports to the CE as part of the Senior Management team. The Director of FET uses four key committees, (implementation groups) comprising of representatives from across the services to drive an integrated agenda of work for FET at Cavan and Monaghan ETB

These are the:

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
  • Workforce Development.
  • FET Planning Integration and Co-ordination.
  • Quality Assurance, Active Inclusion and Reporting.

The Senior Management Team meets weekly. This comprises the CE and the three senior directors.

The next level of management is the core implementation groups who meet on a quarterly basis. These personnel feed into, and out of these working groups. The table below shows the interactions of the Implementation and working groups currently.

Table :  Summary of CMETB Working Groups


 Working Groups QA, Active Inclusion & Reporting Teaching, Learning & Assessment Workforce development FET Planning, Integration & Co-ordination
Sub Groups
Appeals X X

The current CMETB QA Management Team evolved from the Training Standards Officer (TSO) role integrated with a newly developed role of Director of QA with the aim of addressing the requirements of the new Core and Sectoral QA Guidelines over time. The CMETB Strategy already includes as one of its actions “to ensure good governance and financial management across all FET Services and Centres”. An associated action will be the review of governance structures in order to deliver this action in line with Core and Sector guidelines. This project is currently underway and updates will be provided on a regular basis as new structures develop and are approved.