CMETB Programme Design and Approval

Programme design, development and approval

CMETB delivers a wide range of QQI programmes designed to lead to major and minor awards under the Common Awards System (CAS), as well as delivering a variety of non-QQI accredited awards. The process for designing, developing and approving these are as follows:

Programme Proposal Committee (PPC)

Should a centre wish to run a programme, a formal process of application through the Programme Proposal Committee must be undertaken. The Terms of Reference of CMETB Programme Approval Committee (PAC) include: reviewing applications submitted by CMETB centres who wish to run a new course for the first time or those who wish to run a course which has not run in that centre in the last 3 years; to ensure there is a considered rationale for a course and that capacity and resources of centres applying to the committee for course approval are demonstrated effectively to the committee; to make decisions to recommend that programmes continue to development stage, and eventually to CMETB’s programme approval committee for validation;  to  report to CMETB on course planning and approval  and to  participate in monitoring activities that may be required of CMETB based on QA agreements.

Programme Approvals Committee 

The Programme Approvals Committee at CMETB has as its remit to approve programme proposals for development, ensure the fair and accurate implementation of the process of evaluation of programmes, make decisions to recommend the programme for validation to QQI, report to CMETB on programme evaluation and approval and to participate in QQI monitoring of CMETB Programme Approval Agreement as required. This Committee provides a representation across services to ensure comprehensiveness of the CMETB programme offer. The Committee is Chaired by an independent external nominee, appointed by the CE. It is envisaged that increased external representation will be a feature going forward.

Both the PPC and PAC Committees meet approximately 3 times per year, contingent on demand.