Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in Further Education at Cavan Monaghan Education and Training Board.

The CMETB Quality Assurance team has as its mission to To enable CMETB to provide Learner Centred education and training that consistently conforms to the highest national standards”. This reflects the commitment of CMETB and its constituent services to developing a culture of quality which ensures that anyone participating  in programmes of  further education and training, at any of its locations, is assured of  a quality assured experience.

For further information on CMETB’s approach to quality assurance, please follow the links below.


  1.  Overarching Institution Quality Policy

For further information including Legacy Provision, QA Development, Policies and Procedures,  Roles and Responsibilities please click the above link.

2. Quality Assurance Decision Making Fora

Details on CMETB’s current Governance structures relating to the management and ongoing development of Quality Assurance policies and procedures can be viewed by clicking on the above.

3. Programme Design and Approval

If you are interested in finding out more about CMETB’s quality assured programme design, proposal and approval processes, please click above.

4.  Programme Delivery and Assessment

For further information on how Cavan Monaghan ETB quality assures its assessment processes, please follow the link above.

5.  Student Lifecycle

The learning journey and ensuring it is a quality experience for all of our participants is core to our key performance objectives.  For further details, please click link above.

6. Teaching Staff

The calibre and professionalism of our delivery teams are key to quality assuring our programme provision. For more information on staff recruitment and professional development at CMETB, please follow the above link.

7. Resources and Support

Should require more information on the nature and range of learner supports available at CMETB, please click above.

8. Information Management

Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board operate a number of data management systems in support of our provision.  To find out more about CMETB’s approach to information management, please click above.

9.  Self-evaluation & Monitoring

Quality Assurance at CMETB is supported by our Continuous Improvement Processes including self -evaluation and monitoring.  Further details may be accessed by following the link above.

10.  Stakeholder Engagement and Engagement with other bodies

Details on the approach adopted by CMETB with respect to nature and extent of CMETB’s stakeholder engagement and engagement with other bodies can be found by following the link above.

11.  Provision & Use of Public Information

Should you be interested in finding out more about CMETB’s approach to the provision and use of public information, please follow the link above.

12.  Collaboration with partners, other providers and other awarding bodies

Partnership and collaborating relationships, strengthen the range of provision offered to our learners. Should you require further details on awards or collaborating with other  awarding bodies, please click the above link.