Supporting Cavan/Monaghan Businesses through Skills to Advance

March 24, 2021

Supporting Cavan/Monaghan Businesses through Skills to Advance 

 Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board (CMETB) is committed to providing courses relevant to meet the needs of industry within its region.  Through the Skills to Advance initiative CMETB can actively engage with local employers offering certified training that delivers upskilling and reskilling opportunities aimed at equipping employees with the skills to progress in their current job, or to take advantage of new job opportunities and adapt to a changing job market. 

Speaking about the benefits of training courses under Skills to Advance Peter Richardson, Sales Manager at McAree Engineering, had this to say about the coursehis employees have participated on:  

We have been delighted with our links with CMETB which has allowed us to upskill our team in a number of key areas. Our staff have developed their skills through participation in a range of courses including; the ILM Certificate in Leadership & Management and Reception & Office Skills”. 

In addition, the ability to source quite technical courses like; HR, Accounting Technician and Solidworks locally to us is a big advantage and it is a further encouragement to our staff to participate. 

We have built Skills to Advance courses offered by CMETB into our staff development programme and they complement our own in-house courses very well while at the same time offering recognised certifications at Level 5 and Level 6. 

Katharine Slowey, HR Manager with McAree Engineering, added “With their range of general and tailored courses coupled with supports like Skills to Advance and Skills to Compete, CMETB is a great asset to us, in helping develop the McAree Engineering team”. 

McAree Engineering highlight the successes Skills to Advance can have on a company in providing employees with learning and development opportunities to expand their horizons while minimising skills gaps. It also illustrates the collaborative relationships that Skills to Advance can establish between organisations and ETB– where the first engagement with their ETB is usually the beginning of long working relationship where organisations can call on their local ETB as the first point of contact for exploring upskilling and re-training options. 

CMETB have an appointed Workforce Development Officer that works solely with employers and enterprises to support them in ensuring their businesses can keep apace in an ever-changing labour environment. 

CMETB is currently working across a number of sectors including Engineering, Manufacturing, Hospitality offering support and training solutions to enhance and develop the skillset of employees.  

The Skills to Advance initiative will have an important role in aiding economic recovery post-pandemic as organisations adjust to new challenges particularly in the areas of digital skills development and sustainability. CMETB can provide access for employers to an existing suite of high-quality education opportunities through online learning, part-time and evening provision.  CMETB can also work with companies to develop flexible bespoke and tailored training solutions for their individual needs. 

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