Dealing with a tragedy in a school community

March 9, 2017

8th March 2017: Dealing with a tragedy is difficult any time but it presents particular challenges for schools, their staff and students and the wider community. The Clouds that can Surround a School written by Shane Moran, is a guide for schools on managing a critical incident that impacts on a school.

As someone invited into schools and colleges as a counselling psychologist when a distressing event occurs, Shane finds that many within the school community are ill-prepared for the traumatic impact that a critical incident can have. “I found that each school attempted to cope in their own way,” observes Shane. “I decided to write my book to encourage a collegial approach to a critical incident. It offers advice particularly for school management and aids their navigation through the dark clouds that follow.”

The Clouds that can Surround a School draws on Shane’s many years of experience as a teacher, chaplain and psychologist. He has been asked on many occasions to support school management when a critical incident occurs and his broad range of experience offers a unique perspective on how to address the impact associated with the trauma of a critical incident.

The book is designed to offer a practical guide to all people involved in a critical incident, with particular emphasis on school management. It also addresses the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder, inviting the reader to consider the possibility that those working on the front line can be impacted in a similar way to military personnel returning from conflict situations.

“I wanted to bring together years of experience as a counselling psychologist working in education to provide practical and simple advice for school management, staff and students to offer support in helping them deal with the trauma and its aftermath,” explains Shane.

About the author: Shane Moran has been working in the field of education for twenty years. He qualified first as a school chaplain and later studied counselling psychology. He has worked as a teacher and therapist in Largy College and heads the pastoral care team that supports the student body. Shane is the lead psychologist for the Cavan Monaghan Education Training Board (CMETB) Critical Incident Team. Shane currently lives in County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland.

Copies of the book can be obtained from Shane by emailing him


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