Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures

Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures – The national policy framework for children and young people, 2014-2020 (BOBF) is the first overarching national policy framework for children and young people (aged 0-24 years), developed and led by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs on behalf of the Government. Almost all policy areas have a direct or indirect effect on children and young people’s lives.  The purpose of the framework is to coordinate policy across Government to achieve better outcomes for children and young people. (DCYA, 2014a).  It advances the following vision:

“Our vision is to make Ireland the best small country in the world in which to grow up and raise a family, and where the rights of all children and young people are respected, protected and fulfilled; where their voices are heard and where they are supported to realise their maximum potential now and in the future.” .

BOBF identifies five national outcomes areas, namely:

  1. Active and healthy, physical and mental well-being
  2. Achieving full potential in all areas of learning and development
  3. Safe and protected from harm
  4. Economic security and opportunity
  5. Connected, respected and contributing to their world.